Cortijo Cabrera​

El Lagar los Pilones is situated on the edge of the Montes de Málaga nature reserve, on agricultural land called Cortijo Cabrera, with a large flock of goats and several horses that graze on the lands surrounding the wine press.

To arrive to the house there is a 2 km steep private road that winds through centuries oaks and old olive trees, along which you can admire the beauty of the landscape.

It is a bit of an adventure and also part of the charm of this rustic house.

During this path, you drive along the edge of a virgin Mediterranean forest, among centuries-old olive trees, enormous oaks, rock roses, lavenders… and you feel fully integrated into rural and wild life.

Peñas de Cabrera

It is in this forest and inside the property where you will find the prehistoric paintings of Peñas de Cabrera. You can sightseeing in the same farm visiting this open and sheltered caves which are believed to have been inhabited around 6000 years ago and contain paintings of a rich symbolic value. For sure, children and adults will love to explore. You can find a guide to the archaeological site Peñas de Cabrera (in Spanish) at the following button:

Hiking through the farm

If you want to know the surroundings of Lagar los Pilones, why not to do a small circular route of 1 or 2 hours long?

It will allow you to get to know the property, the caves, the river, the flora and if you are lucky… maybe… some of our fauna.

Bird watching

The environment of the Lagar is an authentic island of nature where the ornithologist can make interesting sightings, especially in spring and autumn. Circaetus gallicus, Accipiter nisus, Hieraetus pennatu, Alectoris rufa, Columba palumbus, Upupa epops…

The Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Natural Reserve, with the second largest colony of flamingos in Europe, is 30 minutes away.


The house is 5 km of Casabermeja (nearest town).

Its population is 3,000 inhabitants and was founded itself in the Bronze Age.

It is these days a typical Andalucian, whitewashed village where life goes on at a relaxing, rural pace and mules are still a common form of transport. Here you can eat out at restaurants that specialize in fish, grilled steak or traditional stews.

If you like meat, please do not forget to visit the local butcher.

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